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Katherine's Fundraising Story

02 February 2017

Katherine's Fundraising Story

In May 2016 we welcomed my niece into the family - Amber Ivy Mills, our first girl after 3 boys and she was perfect. As time progressed, Amber's development was not progressing as expected and at about 8 weeks old she was diagnosed with SMA Type 1.

Despite this diagnosis, Amber's Mommy and Daddy were determined to make what time they had with her special and to raise awareness about this condition. We all set about researching into charities that supported families dealing with SMA and I came across SMA Support UK. 

Within a matter of days of me making an initial contact with SMA Support UK, a huge box of specially selected sensory toys, aids and guidance leaflets was on it's way to Amber - I couldn't believe the generosity of this charity and the support service they offered.

Amber unfortunately developed complications and passed away at 4 months old. During her short life and the difficult times we faced after, SMA Support UK were a huge support to the family. We received personal messages of condolence, emails and even Christmas cards from those we had been in contact with.

This inspired me to do what I could to help SMA Support UK continue to provide this support to other families facing the difficult times we had experienced. As a result I decided to set up a "Christmas is for Kids - Donate Instead" Just Giving Page in memory of Amber. We banned presents for those extended family members we so often feel obliged to buy for and instead donated that money - we also asked people to not buy presents for us but to make a donation instead. In total we raised just under £500 and we were over the moon about the difference this could make.

The family continues to be inspired and raise money for SMA Support UK. My husband is doing Tough Mudder on their behalf this summer and the children also want to do what they can to raise funds. We will definitely be lifetime supporters and hopefully friends with those we have met.