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BBC Two's 'Big Life Fix'

12 January 2017

The show's casting producer writes: "The show aired on BBC Two in December last year, and now we are currently making the second series. If you haven’t seen it, “Big Life Fix”, is an exciting and innovative science series that sees a skilled team of scientists, engineers and designers create bespoke technology for individuals and groups to transform their lives for the better.

We’re now planning a second series and looking for more people who feel they could benefit from a tailor-made invention. Perhaps it’s a daily task, a hobby or a lifelong dream that’s proving to be a challenge. Or maybe you have a disability you need help managing, or a problem that you and your family, or even your whole community face. We’d love to chat to anyone who would like to apply. If selected, our team will work with them to tackle their problem or challenge using ingenious design and technology.

We are just doing initial chats with people who are interested, with an aim to start filming in a few months time.

If anyone is interested in applying, they can call the casting team on 0203 040 6908 or email us at All calls are treated in the strictest of confidence."

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