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Contact a Family: Campaign Against Cuts To Short Breaks

18 April 2016

Contact a Family have found worrying evidence of cuts to crucial short breaks (respite) services in many local areas and they are calling on supporters to send their template email to their local council to help protect the future of short breaks for families.

They write: "Short breaks are essential for the well being of parents with disabled children. They allow them to spend time with their other children, catch up on things like shopping, cleaning or sleep and recharge their batteries. They give disabled children the chance to make new friends and try different experiences. They are hugely valuable to the entire family.

For maximum impact, we encourage you to personalise the email if you have experience of using short breaks services. The email will be sent directly to the person in charge of short breaks in your local area.

Even in areas where local councils have managed to protect funding for short breaks services, it’s important that we let decision makers know why short breaks matter as budget pressure increases locally .

Please share this campaign with your friends and family on social media."


To find out more, including how to send the template email, please click on the link below:

Tell your local council to stop short breaks cuts