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Contestants Wanted For A Brand New BBC Show

08 March 2017

Hindsight Productions is looking for fun, lively and enthusiastic pairs of contestants to take part in a brand new BBC show called 'Letterbox'.

They are looking for a diverse range of contributors from around the UK, including disabled people, those of different ages, social and cultural groups.

They write: "The show itself will feature four teams of two in each episode. These teams will play against each other trying to crack passwords by guessing letters. The teams that win each round will collect clues that will help them solve the ‘Letterbox’ to win a cash prize. The show involves no physical games and no quiz style questions, it really is that simple.

We are looking for teams of two who know each other really well, from all over the UK; the only thing we ask is that they are over the age of 18.

To apply they can email us on or or call 0203 813 8239."

The closing date for applications is March 31st 2017.

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