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Non-invasive Prenatal diagnosis for selected gene disorders (NIPSIGEN)

09 June 2015 / Posted in: Research

You can read the research project team’s latest update here.

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Cure SMA Research Conference: 18th-20th June 2015

01 June 2015 / Posted in: Research

Taking place in Kansas City, MO, USA, the Cure SMA Research Conference is the largest research meeting in the world specifically focused on SMA.

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Children in Clinical Research

18 May 2015 / Posted in: Research

Nuffield Council on Bioethics have produced a report that looks at the ethics of involving children in research, and at the roles and responsibilities of children, parents/guardians, and professionals.

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Patient Reviewers Needed

18 May 2015 / Posted in: Research

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is promoting the involvement of patients and their carers in setting the research agenda and in the design and conduct of research.

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Important safety update on SMN2 splice-modifying drug, RG7800

15 May 2015 / Posted in: Research

Roche, PTC Therapeutics, and the SMA Foundation have provided a critical update on the safety of their SMN2 splice-modifying compound, RG7800.

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SMA Europe announces funding awards

29 April 2015 / Posted in: Research

Four of the 2014 applications have been successful and SMA Support UK’s contribution will go towards one of them.

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SMA Support UK at Rare Disease Day 2015

20 March 2015 / Posted in: Research

Find out about how SMA Support UK was involved with Royal Holloway’s annual Rare Disease Day event.

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Splicing, Exons and the SMN2 'back-up' gene

19 March 2015 / Posted in: Research

Information on the importance of splicing and how it can be modified to increase SMN protein levels.

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Roche to buy Trophos

23 January 2015 / Posted in: Research

Roche, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, has agreed to purchase the small, late-stage clinical drug testing company, Trophos, and its lead drug with potential for SMA, Olesoxime

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SMN Gene Therapy in a Large SMA Model

06 January 2015 / Posted in: Research

Prof. Arthur Burghes (Ohio State University) and colleagues have just published a study aimed at determining whether reducing SMN levels in pig motor neurons results in symptoms similar to SMA.

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