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Biogen Announces November Closure of the Expanded Access Programme for Infants Newly Diagnosed with SMA Type 1

23 August 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

We urged Biogen not to take this step which creates yet more immense distress and worry for families. We will continue to focus our advocacy for access to treatment on the urgent need for NICE, NHS England and Biogen to agree the terms of a managed access agreement to replace this EAP ahead of 1 November, as well as the need for a long-term sustainable plan for access.

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Clinicians and SMA Charities Protest NICE Decision

21 August 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

Clinicians and SMA Charities yesterday expressed the need for urgent action. You can read the letter sent to NICE, NHS England and the National Institute for Health Research, here.

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Biogen’s Update to the SMA Community Following Publication of NICE’s Consultation Paper

15 August 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

Biogen has provided this community statement in response to yesterday's announcement from NICE.

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NICE Announcement on Nusinersen

13 August 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

Nusinersen not recommended for funding by NICE is the devastating decision for so many, announced today. One glimmer of hope, however, is that it does leave the door open for a Managed Access Agreement. Comments are needed by 5th September.

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What Are Your Views On Screening Newborns For SMA?

03 August 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

The National Screening Committee (NSC) has invited us to give comments and feedback on its June 2018 evidence review. Their current recommendation is ‘systematic population screening programme not recommended’. When we submit our response, we would like to represent views from the SMA community about screening newborns for SMA. You can let us know your thoughts and take our survey.

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Biogen Community Updates re Hydrocephalus

02 August 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

We have received this community update which includes Q and As about the potential risk of hydrocephalus.

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Roche Community Update Re Risdiplam Development Programme

24 July 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

During the recent Cure SMA researcher meeting in USA, Roche shared progress details of the risdiplam programme which you can read more about here. The update also includes an acknowledgement of the disappointment that UK SUNFISH trial sites were not initiated in time to allow UK patients to take part.

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EMPoWER: Early Mobility and Powered Wheelchair Evidence Review

05 July 2018 / Posted in: Information, Treatments & Research

We are pleased to be involved with a new project to estimate the costs and benefits of providing young disabled children under 5 years with powered mobility aids

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Map of progress towards global access to nusinersen

05 July 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

We have received an updated map from Biogen which shows the latest status of global access to nusinersen.

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Roche’s Sunfish Clinical Trial – why didn’t it happen here/what about access to future trials?

28 June 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

We asked GOSH if they could throw any light on this and what assurances they could give that the UK won’t miss out in the future. Also, we checked what actions anyone interested in being considered for a clinical trial should take.

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