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Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) Decision and Next Steps on Access to Nusinersen

07 May 2018

The SMC has just recommended that this treatment should be funded only for children with SMA Type 1. This is a positive step forward and a lifeline for these children and families. However, it is hugely disappointing that, children, young people and adults with SMA Type 2 or Type 3 who wish to access, and could potentially benefit from, this treatment still don’t have this opportunity. This is despite the hard work of the patient groups and the powerful testimonies from the SMA community and clinicians via their submissions and the PACE meeting.

We will not, though, give up advocating for broader access and will, with the other charities, be working on the next steps. Find out more about the next steps and how you can help by clicking on the link below:

Next steps and how you can help