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Our Peer Support Volunteers

Although no two people with SMA are the same, many of those we support tell us it can be helpful to be in touch with others who understand the emotional and physical impact of receiving a diagnosis of SMA, and who understand the day-to-day challenges of living with SMA.

Our Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs) each have personal experience of SMA. They include:

  • parents of children with SMA (all types)
  • grandparents of children with SMA (all types)
  • young people (18-25 years) and adults with SMA (all types)

All our PSVs are at least 2 years on from diagnosis or bereavement and are carefully recruited, trained and supported in their role.

Our PSVs offer confidential and personalised support by email and by phone across the UK.

Becoming a Peer Support Volunteer

If you have experience of living with any type of SMA and you wish to support others through sharing your personal experiences, we welcome your interest.


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