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Peer support

If you're 18 or over, you may prefer direct, confidential phone or email contact with one of our Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs).

You may be an adult with SMA, a parent or a grandparent of a child with any type of SMA - whether you're newly diagnosed, bereaved or many years 'down the line', our personal, confidential PSV service is open to you.

Who are our Peer Support Volunteers?

Our PSVs each have personal experience of SMA and include parents and grandparents, young people (18-25 years) and adults with SMA. All our PSVs are at least 2 years on from diagnosis or bereavement and are carefully selected, trained and supported in their role.

Why might I choose Peer Support?

Our PSVs offer ongoing support. They are able to listen to your experiences, hopes and fears, without judging. Although their circumstances won't be exactly the same as yours, and they won't be able to make decisions for you, your volunteer will be able to support you as you explore your options. Although they cannot give you medical advice, your volunteer can help you think about questions to ask your medical team and can share with you their own experiences of managing and coping with practical and daily issues.

We are all different in the ways we react to situations and the support that we want from others. Our PSVs take the lead from you and the support they give is confidential. They may sometimes signpost you to other sources of information, but they won't pass on your details or discuss your situation with anyone else, unless you give your express permission. 

Request Direct Confidential Contact

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a PSV, or if you already are and would like to log in, please click here.


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