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scientific research Correspondent 

Dr James Sleigh took up this role in June 2011 when, for his PhD, he was researching what causes the motor nerves to degenerate in SMA. He has proved his ability to write accessible reports on the latest SMA research findings and has continued with this role as a postdoctoral research fellow.

More about James Sleigh

Hello! I am a research scientist at the University College London, and have been involved with SMA research since 2007.

I did my first degree in Biology at the University of Bath, and was lucky enough in my third year to work in a lab at Harvard University in Boston, MA, USA, where I first studied the disease.

I then completed my PhD with Kevin Talbot and Kay Davies in Oxford, where I researched into what causes the motor nerves to degenerate in SMA.

As your research correspondent, I maintain the research section of the trust’s website. This mainly involves writing short articles, which can be found online and in Inspirations, on new developments in SMA research.

I also conduct Q & A sessions with some of Europe's leading SMA scientists in order to gain some insight into what they do and why. I hope that you find my articles interesting and informative, and that I provide an up-to-date and helpful window into the current field of SMA research.